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7 Day Ofsted Inspection Success Challenge

The 7 Day Challenge to Help Grow Your Inspection Outcomes.

In this day and age, it is always important to stay ahead of the Inspection game. Because of this, we put together the 7 Day Ofsted Inspection Ready Challenge. 

This challenge has been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by showing you:

  • How to easily grow and measure your outcomes.
  • Ways to prepare your environment for inspection success.
  • Tactics to grow your inspection ready defences.

Suitable for, 

  • Children's Homes
  • Residential Special Schools
  • Residential Family Assessment Centres
  • Fostering Agencies.

What Can You Achieve with The 7 Day Challenge? 

With the 7 day challenge, you'll be able to optimise your inspection ready efforts by efficiently leveraging simple tools and taking action that will help you focus on your outcomes. The challenge gives you the freedom and flexibility to try new ideas or re-think old ones to get your service prepared for your next inspection. In the 7 Day Challenge, we will share with you:

  • Simple tools to measure your success, get and stay ready.
  • How to prepare your environment to prevent mishaps.
  • An inventory to get your service into the safeguarding safety zone.
  • How to easily grow and measure your outcomes.

How it Works

You will receive a series of 7 emails with optimisation tasks for you to complete in sequence.

Actionable downloads and templates will be contained in the emails along with instructions.

Commit to making time each day to complete the task. 

You send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve the challenge and grow this resource. 

About the Writer, Maggie Danesfahani

Maggie is a former looked after child who has been in the children's social care Inspection, quality and compliance improvement arena for many years and with that experience came the passion for helping providers consistently achieve good or better outcomes.

As a consultant for Rezume, Maggie came up with simple growth ways to help providers improve their Inspection outcomes. Those have proven reliable time and again at helping providers achieve their Inspection ambitions. The 7-Day Challenge combines some of those techniques to offer providers a challenge to help get their service in shape. 

'The 7-day Challenge is about putting in place those habits and routines that are going to help keep you from always chasing your tail when it comes to Inspection. Most providers and managers don't want to be spending all their time worrying and watching. Keeping ahead consistently is at the top of any providers list these days. This challenge is a step in the direction of making that easier'. Maggie Danesfahani, Improvement Consultant, Rezume.

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" Maggie has a calming influence and allows you to see different views and opinions would strongly recommend learnt a lot from her. " L Gibbs, Children's Residential Social Care Provider, South East

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